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Liebherr R984c model
This model is based on the existing Conrad model,but has plenty of modifications.
The quick coupler and attachments shown in the video will soon be on sale.

Liebherr R954c model
Highlight on this customized Conrad model are the hydraulic lines on the boom.The quick coupler and bucket on this model will go into serial production aswell,together with some other new attachments.

Caterpillar 385c LME
This video shows the making of my Caterpillar 385c LME scale model in 1/50scale from the start over two months to the finished model.

Caterpillar 345d Modell
shows my custom made Caterpillar 345d scale model in various positions and als features a short sequence with the model in motion

Tiltrotator Videos
see my tiltrotator scale model in motion

“dancing” excavator scale models

Mercedes Actros heavy dump truck

Menzi Muck A91 4x4 Modell made by FM-Modellbau
the spider excavator

Minibauma 2009
Slideshow with photos from my visit at the Minibauma modelshow 2009 in Sinsheim/Germany

Modelshow Europe 2010
slideshow with photos of my table at the modelshow europe in Bemmel/The Netherlands.

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